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Lisa A. Pierson, DVM


Some of the pictures below are graphic but all of the cats shown here were treated for their medical problems and lived happily ever after.


Mange (mites)

There really is a happy ending for the cats with mange shown below.  These pictures were taken in January, 2007.  As of September 2011, no cats in the colony have shown any signs of mange.

Mange mites are parasites on the skin that cause intense itching.  The wounds that result from the cat's claws can become infected but all of the cats in the colony healed well without any antibiotics.  All they needed was medication to kill the mites.

The cats shown below are members of a feral colony that I TNR'd (Trap, Neuter, Return).  The entire colony was treated with Revolution (for their mange) when they were under anesthesia for their surgery.  I followed up with medication in their food until the mange was taken care of.  Their quality of life is so much better now that they have been spayed and neutered and have been treated for mange.

The kittens were very thin due to the fact that they were having to expend so much energy scratching at the mange mites all day.  The food that they are eating will now go toward building muscle instead of being burned off from fighting the mange.

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Notoedres cati

(feline mange mite)












(Post treatment)




I will continue to monitor this colony for any signs of mange and treat them as needed.



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Skin Cancer

(squamous cell carcinoma)



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A Lion Cut

This cat is MUCH happier now!!





Thanks mom!! I am much cooler now!

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Pus coming from the vagina of an 8 month old feral cat.  This....and unwanted kittens.....can happen if you do not spay a cat. 





The uterus in a cat this age should be about half the diameter of a pencil.



Pus filled uterus. 


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Dr. Pierson's buddies


Gunsmoke ("Smokey)




Swashbuckler ("Buck")




Quincey Jones ("Quincey")








Smokey - Water Jump





Feral Cat Management


Elevated tables to prevent other animals from eating the cat food. The tables need to be close to 36" high, otherwise, raccoons can pull themselves up onto the table. The table legs were purchased at Home Depot. The tables are 2' x 4' and I think they are about 1.5" thick.

You must use machine screws, nuts, and large washers in order to properly attach the table to these posts. (Do not try to use wood screws.) Use the smooth round head of the machine for the top of the table. (If the machine screws are too long, you can just leave them long under the table and they will not be a problem. Be sure to buy screws that are not too short.) For the 'food guard', I just used old scrap molding and L brackets.



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Lisa A. Pierson, DVM



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